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CFNM Revenge on Bully

Video Courtesy of Pure CFNM

Pure CFNM 'Bullying the Geeks' clothed female naked male video featuring Emma Butt...

Emma Butt and Angel Long come to the rescue of sexy geeks Theo & Tiffany Ella who are being sexually exploited by pervert bully. After Angel's given the thug a fist and sparked him out, regaining consciousness to discover he's being gaffer taped to a chart, but only after he's being stripped totally naked. The Bullied geeks and the capable girls exact revenge on the brute by conducting some handjob humiliation, Emma is the most dominant and most capable when it comes to taking control and she does that through her vast sexual experience of submissive men and how to turn the most dominant male into her sissy. Emma strokes his cock until it's hard and guides the shy and inexperienced geeks to do the same, taking advantage of the restrained guy, they all have a go at wanking his cock against his will, Emma concludes the femdom clothed female naked male humiliation by jerking the subject until his balls are pumping and penis spewing his man goo all over himself, a forced orgasm will leave the male feeling very guilty and experience what it's like to be bullied whilst he may have enjoyed the experience of getting hand relief from four sexy girls, the control will leave the usual Alpha feeling very Beta to the amazonian ladies and geeky girls who just got one up on their bully with this CFNM revenge.

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