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Cuckold Hotwife Photoshoot with Black Bull

Gallery Courtesy of DDF Busty

Massive Tits At Full Exposure featuring Emma Butt & Antonio Black...

Antonio Black is DDF Network's photographer and is responsible for getting a good busty themed gallery at his shoot with genuine British cuckold hotwife and big titted adultworker all the way from England, UK- Emma Butt. This genuine English housewife is a hotwife, she is promiscuous for her husband who gets pleasure from her enjoying the attentions of other men, so been a porn model and escort, her frequent sexual interactions with studs is all a cuckold could dream for! So when Antonio notices Emma's failed to put her panties on, his girth and length are soon showing through his denim jeans as he begins to get aroused by the genuine slut and is soon hard and erect ready for more than just taking simple photos of Emma. After turning up in a tight figure-hugging dress that practically explodes her body withiout having to remove it, her curves are there for all to see, monstrous tits are all but squashed into her bra and dress, straps practically bursting, it's a relief on the fabric when Emma decides to pull her top down and get out her huge plumpers, spearing her legs showing off her shaven pierced vagina, letting the photo guy take pics of her pussy. After completing what he can manage of the shoot, he's ready to 'shoot' and is up close and personal, skin-in-skin, black-on-white, his hands explore her tanned hide and mouth suckling and biting at her nipples, before Emma's legs are slit and his tongue is inside her wet hole, licking her tasty pussy out, before jamming his dick in-between the huge mountains that are her breasts, sliding in the valley of her cleavage,. As any hotwife knows there are some that play bareback and some that play wearing condoms! Have a guess at which type Emma is!? She's a bareback raw-fucking hotwife, despite wearing her cuckolding anklet chain underneath her stockings which usually signifies she wears protection to fuck her bulls, we have it on camera here, her playing unprotected penetration with this African stud who has her fucked in a variety of position ensuring satisfaction. Don't you just love the pic of Emma's pussy close-up, her swollen clit and pussy lips gaped wrapped the big black cock shaft, she rides him bare, on an occasion his bug member comes out and rubs raw against her gash. Once her black bull is getting close to breeding her pussy, Emma gets on her knees and sucks him and soon has him erupting all over her face, in her mouth and drenching her big chest. This photo gallery is a perfect maple of interracial hotwife cuckolding porn for UK fans! Follow Emma Butt/Mistress Pandora os you're at all into cuckoldry and live in England just like Emma!

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