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Cuckold Slave Duties

Watch Full-Length Cuckold Slave Duties Video

The English Mansion Mistress Pandora Cuckold Slave Duties featuring Emma Butt..

After 3 weeks locked up in chastity, the cuckold slave has his duties to perform, completely frustrated, his 4 inches are not enough for Mistress Pandora, which is why I acquired a willing and capable 8 inches of length on hand to satisfy my needs. Gripping a form hold of my studs cock, stroking his shaft while my cuck is given the humiliating task of sucking the heel on my thigh high black shiny PVC boots, suck foot worship warms his mouth up for some fluffing, he's forced bi and made to ready my lovers erection by blowing him to ensure a rock sold integrity and wet enough for his some raw mistress pussy. Cucky is allowed to use his tongue to polish my boots with his tongue while I give my bull a blowjob until I can resit no more and eager for it inside my wet cunt, a cucks task is now to tongue my snatch to ensure it's equally wet and lubricated from licking an capable to receive the bigger dick. After I've rode my lovers bare shaft and concluded by the extraction of cum from his balls, leaving my gash creamed good, cuckold proceeds to perform his rewarding clean-up duties but cleaning up my messy creampie orally, consuming the bulls spunk, but this isn't the end of his cuckolding duties, Mistress Pandora needs another load from her bull, but doesn't want to make a mess on my bed sheets, so I give my studs pole a hand job while cuck is laid head directly below his glands with his mouth wide open so to take the ejaculation shot in his mouth.

Mistress Pandora Cuckold Slave Duties Comic

Mistress Pandora cuckolding

Cuckold Slave Duties - Kept in chastity and used as fluffer & clean up cuck

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