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Fakers Gayness Tested

Video Courtesy of Pure CFNM

Pure CFNM 'Is He Gay?' clothed female naked male video featuring Emma Butt...

Emma Butt is the salon boss of Alyssa Leigh, Syren Sexton & Vivian, joined by new supposedly gay male stylist, but the girls just aren't 100% sure of his sexuality and believe he has been perving on them leading them to believe he may actually be straight or even bisexual. Andy Collins is very bi/gay looking and certainly dresses in a fashion hat supports his feminine side and possible attraction towards men, so to test his gayness Emma and the girls question him before testing his reflexes to being touched by females and before you know it all the girls are giving his cock and shaven smooth scrotum a touching, jerking his cock, which has reacted with a good strong erection, the girls continue playing with him, masturbating him until he orgasms and shoots his muck, pretty conclusive proof he finds female contact highly sexual and arousing - He's no nuftah from stoke-on-trent, so guys no need to watch your deaf and dumb as he's looking for pussy not cock!

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