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Secretease Sexy Secretary

Hot News and Even Hornier Resources

The ultra-glamorous Emma Butt stuns in stockings and pinstripe to let us know that Secretease is taking
things to another level soon. The delushious Emma sets the horny mood - raising expectations and more
in true Miss Butt style. Check out the Head of Horny Resources hot glambition on a 34GG scale...

Secretease - Website Closed! Hot News and Even Hornier Resources featuring Emma Butt.

It's hot news and even hornier resources in the office with the ultra-glamourous & sexy office secretary Emma Butt. Looking stunning in pinstripe blazer jacket, a tight crop cardigan, super-tight mini skirt, lace top black stockings and smart office heels. Miss butt's soon flashing her under garments, her short skirt keeps working it's way up her thick thighs, especially when she opens her legs, her boobs are practically popping the buttons off her top, bursting out of her tight top, her big-breasted cleavage is always on show. Emma gets more slutty at the though her fellow office colleagues can see her private parts. Exposing more with wider leg spreads, until her skirt's around her hips and panties filly showing, her tits are next to follow with full office exposure, increasing in horniness, she can't wait to get on the floor, strip her panties off and get her legs in the are and wide apart with her pussy out. Emma makes one of the best Secretease sexy secretaries, al the qualification needed to be a true office slut.

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