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Slave Ordeal Part 1

Watch Full-Length Slave Ordeal PT 1 Video

The English Mansion Mistress Pandora The Slave Ordeal Part 1 featuring Emma Butt..

Subs serving Mistress Pandora at The English Mansion are there for me to explore my dominance side and are to expect to be humiliated by FemDom. Arriving at penned farm pet slaves enclosure, smoking on a cigarette, the worship begins focussed on my shiny black fetish boots, my naked submissive, with hands behind back and knelt on the concrete, works on the shine with his tongue, licking my boot toe front. After getting my fix of nicotine I'm ready for some domination, so subby is chain collar leashed and received some painful trampling from the sharp pointy heels of my boots, walking up and down his naked body while he lays face down on the floor, The trampling then progresses to his front, working my spikes into his aroused penis shaft, after which I climb on his face, pull and tweak his nips while his reward is the smell and taste of my moist hole.

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